Can you hook up rca to component

First of all, you need to steer clear from hdmi to rca/composite cables, you can view an example of what not to buy below: hdmi to rca cable this type of cable will not work because it can’t convert the signal from the console to the tv correctly. If you have another device that connects through an rgb component cable and want to connect it to the vga netbook, use an all-in-one cable that is able to separate the rgb signal from the vga output. I would like wi fi for my rca tv can you help - answered by a verified tv technician i thought if there was small box i could hook up to the rca tv that could recieve the wi fi hooked up in the living room i would be able to watch tv board, component expert conrad technician 946 satisfied customers training on many types of.

Simple instructions on how to hook up a dvd player using hdmi, component, or composite/rca cables. Solved can i hook up a blue ray player with hdmi to a tv that has only rca type of jacks if so with what kind of cable solution solved trying to hook up a sony dvd player dvp sr 210p to an hdmi. This is a rca component cable with 35mm aux (auxilairy) ends to ypbpr y y green component, pb / cb blue, and pr / cr red rca component ypbpr 1 x 35mm aux to rca component green blue red ypbpr rca.

You can also hook up your pc to the setup provided it supports hdmi standards or if your flat screen tv has a vga port you can also use an adapter to make your pc, hdmi or dvi (digital visual interface) compatible along with upgrading your pc video card to support the interface. I have a dvd player that i want to hook to a samsung smart tv i bought rca to hdmi cables to do this when i hook up it solved my dvd player only has hdmi but my tv has rca how can i hook it. Did you connect the component video out to the composite video in that won't work the op wanted to know if you could use composite video cables to connect two component devices.

Rca a/v cables have one video cable ( 75ohm coax) and two audio cabels component cables have 3 video cables (75ohm coax) since all 3 have video informatin you should use compnent cables. All you need is a cable with a stereo mini-plug on one end, and rca-type connectors on the other, as shown in figure 1 stereo mini-plugs have two black bands on the plug, but a mono mini-plug has only one black band. Step 3 - connect to tv or other audio/visual device on the back of your television or other component you will find color coded rca input jacks for the rca plugs that are coming from the back of your vcr match up the corresponding color cable and insert the appropriate plug into the input port step 4 - using your modified system plug in and turn on your vcr if you have a tv or video option, you must select the tv option. Can one use rca cables (red/white/yellow) in component jacks (red/blue/green) i understand that the jacks carry much different data/signal/whatever, but i was told that there is no need to buy (very) pricey component cablesyou can actually just hook up good quality red/white/yellow rca cables to the component jacks for the same purpose.

Can you hook up rca to component

If you want to connect both your old vcr and dvd player to the tv at the same time, you are out of luck - unless the home theater receiver workaround if all you have is a tv that provides a shared composite/component video connection and you need to connect both a composite and component (or more than one composite or component) into that tv, then yes, you are out of luck. If you can use digital video connections (hdmi or dvi), do otherwise, use component video if your sources have these connections if you must, use s-video for sources that don’t have component video connections, such as dss receivers. Trying to hook up component to composite video + reply to thread results 1 to 9 of 9 i am trying to connect a toshiba dvd/vcr combo with only component outputs to a tv that only has composite/s-video inputs rca composite video on wii but component video and vga inputs on tv.

  • When you connect your vcr or pvr to these inputs, use an extra set of cables to connect the receiver back to the inputs on these sources (labeled audio in and video in on the back of the source) this lets you route audio and video through the receiver for recording purposes.
  • In which case, i think you need to buy one of the conversion boxes linked above (or similar which meets your full requirements) and connect the pc and tv via that box, ie hdmi cable - pc to box, and then component or composite cable - from the box to the tv.
  • Many dvd players output 'component' video (which can be deinterlaced and scaled) using red, blue and green (y,pb,pr) connectors on the player some monitors can accept 'component' video on their vga inputs and it's likely that you're trying to use one of these connectors.

Solved how do i hook up dvd/vcr without component or hdmi output to hdtv with only hdmi, component, or cable input solution i have an older tv with rca jacks and wanted to hook up hte blue ray. If you want to try to improve the video display, you can change the settings on the console connect xbox 360: using xbox 360 component hd av cable the xbox 360 component hd av cable comes with some xbox 360 console bundles. You could also consider going the av receiver route, i have seen some good deals on older model's, if you have the speakers you should be able to get one under $200, if you need the speakers as. If you have a component (ypbpr or red, green, blue rca interfaces) source that you need to display on a tv with a composite input (typically yellow rca) or s-video, this converter is perfect for you this converter also handles audio pass-through with dual rca input on the component side and 35mm stereo output on the composite side.

Can you hook up rca to component
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